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Sweet Treats, DIY Crafts & Decor for the Valentine’s Day Lover

If gift-giving is your love language, you love all things chocolate, and hearts are your favorite, this one’s for you! From sweet treats and DIY crafts to made-with-love decor and more, we’ve got something for every Valentine’s Day lover!

Sweet Treats

Everyone knows sweet treats are the way to your valentine’s heart! And homemade ones? Even better!

Valentine's Day DIY Chocolate

These heart-shaped chocolate pops are as easy as 1-2-3: melt chocolate; fill mold; let harden. Voilà! You can customize them by adding sprinkles, nuts, candy bits and more. Find the full DIY here:

DIY Pink Flower Candy

Who wouldn’t love an edible bouquet? Whip up a dozen roses with a rose candy mold, then add some sparkle with red and pink sanding sugars.

Want more DIY delicacies? We’ve got you covered:!

Cute Crafts

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate DIY holiday! From clothes to crafts, you’ll fall head over heels for these DIYs!

Valentines Day Decor Tutu

Seeing your little Valentine in a made-with-love outfit will warm your heart! Craft an adorable V-Day ensemble with a ready-to-go tutu and embellished t-shirt. Shop infant and toddler fashions:

DIY Mailbox Valentine Craft Project

A paper-mache mailbox embellished with paint, paper and stickers delivers stylish decor with a handmade feel! Your little love will be the star of the homeroom heart-day party with this beautiful box!

Darling Decor

Sweeten up your space for Valentine’s Day with red and pink decor! Whether you like to go all out or subtly incorporate the season’s signature colors, we’ve got everything you need.

Everyday Home Decor Red Pink

This pretty-in-pink space will give you all the heart flutters! You can create a swoon-worthy space by incorporating pops of pink, red and gold alongside your everyday decor.

Valentine's DIY Craft Project

DIY your way to darling Valentine’s Day decor with a made-by-you wood pallet sign! Shop supplies and find more inspiration here.

Gorgeous Gifts

Looking for a gorgeous gift that keeps on giving? Look no further!

Red Pink Home Decor Tray

This filled-with-love tray will have your valentine swooning over you for sure!

Red Heart Valentines Decor

Cute accessories and decor are a sure shot to your valentine’s heart!

Party Hearty

Celebrate the season of love with cute party ware and creative cards!

Pink Red Valentines Day Party Decor

Valentine’s Day might just be our favorite excuse for throwing a party—as if we needed one! Pretty pinks and ruby reds make this Valentine’s party really pop!

For more Valentine’s Day party supplies & favors:

Valentines Day Cards Kids

Pass out the cuteness this Valentine’s Day with ready-to-go cards! Find more cards and crafts:

If you’re still looking for inspiration, follow our Valentine’s Day Decor & Crafts board on Pinterest Show us how you celebrate the season of love by using #HobbyLobbyHoliday! HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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