Three Tier Tray

5 Farmhouse Fresh Ways to Decorate with Trays

Decorative trays are definitely on our list of decor all-stars. Not only do they create a fabulous focal point in any room, you can also use them to quickly switch up your decor whenever the mood strikes. We’ll show you 5 farmhouse fresh ways to decorate with trays to achieve a lush look by filling yours with items in a variety of textures, heights and colors.

Three Tier Galvanized Metal Tray

1) Greenery and typography are key components to this farmhouse decor display! Our three-tier, galvanized farmhouse tray provides the perfect foundation for working with larger items like faux foliage, framed art and much more. It can be a challenge to style a tiered tray without feeling like you’ve crammed too much in to too small a space. This particular tray boasts large tiers separated by the perfect amount of height, allowing for larger styling product. See #5 for another way to beautifully style this tray!

Three Tiered Tray with Farmhouse decor

2) This trendy metal tray was brought to life by Lovely, Etc. By adding pale blues and greens to the mix, a refreshing farmhouse style is easily achieved! Faux foliage and the wood-framed sign keep it on-trend, while the white glassware give it a clean, understated appeal.
Copper Tray with Home Decor

3) You can’t go wrong when you go modern! Sincerely Sara D mingled a metallic tray with navy blue accents to make the greenery really pop. You’d never know but the star of this show is the modge-podged vase which was made using trendy fabric!

Galvanized  Metal Tray with Glass JarsThree Tiered Metal Tray Farmhouse Decor

4) This farmhouse-inspired decor is so versatile! We love how At Home with the Barkers turned this tray into stylish mason jar storage. Clearly it’s the perfect shape and size to help emphasize a trendy table runner.

5) This lovely blend of textures was made by Christina’s Adventures, who did a beautiful job showcasing its height by filling it with wooden beads and trailing succulents.

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