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How to Create a Stylish Farmhouse Look at Home

When it comes to creating a fabulous space, styling is everything.  If you’re still loving the farmhouse trend—and we know you are—you’re going to want to see how we achieved stylized success in 3 different spaces! Follow along for a few quick tips on how to create a farmhouse look at home.

Find your focal point.

Farmhouse Home Decor

Focus is a huge factor when it comes to perfecting your decor so find a piece that speaks to you and go from there. Put it front and center, then build around it. Here, a simple yet stylish sofa table does the trick, providing just the right amount of tabletop and overhead styling space to achieve focal point perfection in your farmhouse-inspired home. If you’re limited on space, try something smaller like a bench or accent table.

Add texture.

Farmhouse Decor

The farmhouse trend is all about building off of a neutral palette and maximizing it with styling product. Adding a textural aesthetic—like faux floral and mixed metal and wood items—gives the space variety without turning it overly eclectic. And while shiplap may be the trailblazer of all things farmhouse, feel free to call out your space with wordy signage:

Size things up.

Farmhouse decor front entry

Make sure your decor fits your space. Bringing things to scale while simultaneously fighting the urge to be overly symmetrical can be hard, but it’s key to making layers work without ending up with a cramped, cluttered space. Start with a piece of wall art: and build around it with subtle shelving and other styling products.

In the end, your space is a reflection of you. Be as bold as you want and have fun with it. If you love it, it’s perfect.

Happy styling!

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