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25 Favorite Things At Hobby Lobby By A Girl & A Glue Gun

Hi! I’m Kimbo! I blog at A Girl and a Glue Gun and if you follow me on Instagram then you might know…I have a love affair with Hobby Lobby! I try to make it there at least once a week! Get ready for 25 of my favorite things at Hobby Lobby by A Girl & A Glue Gun.

25 Hobby Lobby DIY Home Decor
Our store has been open for over a year and it’s so big that I still stumble upon some awesome finds that I didn’t know were there! So today I thought I would share my top 25 favorite Hobby Lobby finds!


Home Decor Wall Letters Wood
Every end cap has letters! So many options. Metal, wood, finished, unfinished, big, small! I love putting fun words together either using all the same letters… or mixing it up for a different look!

Woodland Signs Home Decor
(this was acutally a sign at Hobby Lobby…but look how cute all the random letters look together!)

Home Decor Wood Letters
Wood Decor Crafts Letters DIY
Home Decor Colorful Letters
Home Decor Letters Wall Accents

This was acutally a sign at Hobby Lobby…but look how cute all the random letters look together!


I have to have a visual aid of my life! I need to write down all the Volleyball games, basketball practices and ortho appointments where we call can see them! So I love these fun giant calendars!

Memo Boards Chalkboards Calendars
Home Decor Office Calendar Organization
Monthly Calendar Home Decor
Command Center Home Decor

Hobby Lobby Knobs Home Decor
If you haven’t been down the knob aisle…your life is not complete. A knob for every color and style you can think of! It’s better than Disneyland!

Knobs Pulls Handles Decor
We have put these on boards to hang our jewelry, scarves, as an apron rack and even a towel rack! (and of course you could use them on dressers and cabinets!)

Knobs Handles Pulls DIY

Read the rest of A Girl & A Glue Gun’s 25 favorite things at Hobby Lobby:

Hobby Lobby Orange Blue Logo Seal

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