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DIY Farmhouse Tire Shelf – The Craft Patch

Hello Hobby Lobby readers! I am Jennifer Voelkel and I blog at The Craft Patch. I am a wife and mother to three and I love to make pretty things and share them with you. I am a total creative junkie… I’ve always got some kind of project going on, whether it’s crafting, remodeling, decorating or throwing a party. I make a trip to Hobby Lobby at least once a week (yes, the employees know me by name), so I’m excited to share a fun project with you today.

Last spring I found this amazing galvanized metal tire at Hobby Lobby and had so much fun turning it into a wreath. I love it so much that I’ve just changed out the flowers to match the seasons and have been able to keep it on my front door all year.
Metal Tire Wreath DIY

But recently I’ve been thinking that it would be fun to bring that cute tire inside and use it in a completely different way. I got the idea to turn it into a shelf!
Galvanized Metal Home Decor

It took a little bit of engineering to figure out how to make it work. How do you fit a board inside of a hole that’s too small? Luckily, my husband is a genius and came up with an easy way to make my idea come to life.

Do you want to make a tire swing shelf too? Follow along and I’ll show you exactly how we did it!

To make your metal tire into a wall shelf, you will need:

  • Metal Tire Swing
  • Small Hinge
  • 1×6 Wood Board
  • Table Saw and Chop Saw
  • Screwdriver or Drill
  • Wood Stain (optional)
  • Extra Screws (optional)
Home Decor DIY

Step 1: Measure the inside of the metal tire across the widest spot (diameter). Then measure the width from front to back. Cut a 1×6″ wood board down to size length-wise and width-wise. Mine measured 4″x18″, but each tire might be slightly different in size, so be sure to measure yours. Then cut that board in half (so you have two 4″x9″ pieces).

Step 2: Sand the wood and stain if desired. I liked the natural color of pine, so I left my board the way it was.

Step 3: Line up the two boards and attach them together with the metal hinge.
Wood Decor Project Idea

The hinges come with screws in the package, which is nice. Just be sure everything lines up perfectly as you tighten the screws.
DIY Project Ideas

Step 4: Bend the wood shelf slightly so that it will fit into the center of the tire swing, then flatten it back out and voila! You have yourself a tire swing shelf!
Galvanized Metal Blank

Step 5: Pre-drill holes through each outside edge of the metal tire, then screw through the metal into the ends of the wood shelf to secure.
Metal Home Decor Shelf DIY

I am loving my new shelf! It’s the perfect place to stash a few extra hand towels and some toiletries. I grabbed a few pretty lidded glass jars from Hobby Lobby while I was there and now I have a pretty and functional decoration for my farmhouse bathroom! I also think it would be adorable in a little boy’s room!