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Unique Wall Decor for Spring and Summer Styling

Finding the right wall decor isn’t always an easy feat. Bring your walls to life by adding color and texture with paper flowers, hoop wreaths and more. It may seem a little intimidating at first, but we’ve got ideas and inspiration that will easily transition your decor into spring and summer. Whether you like to take the DIY route or prefer ready-made pieces, we’ve got you covered!

Paper Flowers

Paper flowers—whether store-bought or made-by-you—are a great way to add vibrant color and tons of texture to any space. The best part about these beauties is that they can be a little scattered and haphazard, letting you feel at ease with your perfectly imperfect creation!

Paper flower wall DIY

Dainty and darling, these ready-to-go paper flowers are the easy-update staple your spring decor needs! To get this look, we spray painted steel rings gold and hung them on the wall, then hung paper flowers onto the nails.

Paper Flowers DIY Decor

The Craft Patch took cardstock to a whole new level with her craft room creation! Cut by hand or use a cutting machine for these made-by-you paper flowers. Find the details here.

Wow-Worthy Wall Hangings

DIY wall hangings are an easy way to pretty-up your space. Versatile and easy to make, the possibilities are endless and the results are always beautiful!

Faux Flowers Wall Decor

Talk about flower power! This lovely wall hanging is a DIY dream:

1) Cut twine to desired length, and cut flowers leaving a 1” stem. We used freesia and ranunculus sprays, but you can use whatever suits your style:

2) Tie twine along the birch log leaving a 3-4” distance between each.

3) Hang birch log on the wall (it makes it easier to hang flowers).

4) Tie flowers onto twine, keeping 4-6” between each flower. TIP: Mix different sizes and textures of flowers, adding a few lamb’s ear leaves in between the flowers as you go.

5) Hang the lamb’s ear garland along the birch log and add additional leaves for more volume. Finish it off by draping LED string lights throughout.

DIY Doilies Backdrop Wedding Shower

We’re so glad doilies have made a comeback! They made DIYing this darling dreamcatcher a breeze!

1) Attach doilies to hoops and tie with crochet thread. TIP: The hoop should be larger than the doily by 1-2 inches.

2) Using fishing line, attach hoops side-by-side in desired arrangement.

3) Use ribbon or crochet thread to hang on birch pole.

4) Tie a variety of ribbon along the bottom of hoops and trim ends.

5) Wrap the LED rice lights around the birch pole for added sparkle!

Hoop Wreaths for the Win

The hoop wreath trend is obviously one of our favorites! No matter what your style is, there’s a way to make a hoop wreath work in your space.

Floral Hoop Wreath DIY

Achieve serious style in a few simple steps!

1) Spray paint steel rings the color of your choice (we used Krylon foil metallic gold) and let dry.

2) Wire desired floral and foliage onto ring.

3) Cut yarn to desired lengths, and loop around rings. Trim the bottom when finished.

4) Hot glue flowers onto ring.

Elevate your space with this full-of-texture hoop wreath.

1) Clip floral stems, leaving just enough to attach flowers to the ring with floral wire.

2) Arrange the florals, starting with the greenery. This gives the wreath its shape and fullness.

3) Add sturdy, textural pieces.

4) Finish off with the focal elements—we chose roses and waterlilies.


Eclectic Collections

Are you a fan of found objects as decor? If so, these trendy eclectic looks are for you!

Juju Hats Wall Home Decor

Juju hats are the fabulous focal piece you didn’t know you needed! Arrange them in a colorful collection for a boho-inspired centerpiece, or style them individually for focal point perfection.

Make a southwestern statement in your space! Gather a few baskets in coordinating colors, shapes and sizes. Hang them in a grid pattern or create a more random shape for an effortlessly chic feel. Shop baskets:

Which style suits your space? We hope you’re inspired enough to start decorating! Don’t forget to tag us in your DIY and decor photos using #HobbyLobbyStyle!

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