Freedom Yarn

The True Meaning of Art from the Heart with Freedom Yarn

Freedom Yarn™ isn’t just any kind of yarn—it was specially created to bring freedom to hundreds of women in India. Each multicolored skein of Freedom Yarn™ is handcrafted by rescued and at-risk women. When you craft with this versatile yarn, you’re helping provide them with sustainable income and hope for a better future. Find for more information on Freedom Yarn™. Whether you love to knit, crochet or create made-by-you wall art, this versatile yarn gives you the freedom to craft in unique ways. Like traditional cotton yarn, Freedom Yarn™ can do it all! Read on for 5 great ways to use this beautiful yarn.

DIY Craft Freedom Yarn

1. Carried Treasure
This crocheted bag is made with two skeins of Freedom Yarn™ and three skeins of cotton yarn—we used two different types for texture and contrast. It’s freedom of fashion at its finest.

Freedom Yarn DIY bag

2. Strand Idea
The good thing about yarn wall art is that there’s no wrong way to do it. Ours features metal rings (but rods work too), Freedom Yarn™ and chunky cotton yarn, and lots of square knots (or you could try lark’s head knots).

Freedom Yarn DIY Project Ideas

3. Bright Side.
Live on the bright side with a trio of yarn-wrapped lampshades.

Freedom Yarn DIY Project

4. Ready, Set, Pillow
Even if you’ve never sewn a day in your life, this project is doable! Just weave long strands of Freedom Yarn™ through a pillow cover for a DIY done well.

DIY Colorful Crafting Freedom Yarn

5. Knit List
The airy garter stitch keeps this scarf light and breezy. Wooden beads keep it delightfully boho. And multicolored Freedom Yarn™ keeps it absolutely gorgeous.

DIY Freedom Yarn Crafting

With gorgeous colors, this chunky fabric yarn will allow you to get creative with your craft. The options are endless with this beautiful and thoughtful yarn.

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